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Email rant about shitty service sent to Geico

I know this is really long but if you have ever experienced shitty service from a corporation and wanted to give them a piece of your mind and didn’t make the time to or just didn’t feel like it this is that same situation.

Short back story: I had a huge problem with obtaining car insurance back in April of 2012 and the whole problem was all Geico’s doing. The information is in the Rant below so I won’t bore you with details, but I will tell you that about 8 months later I received an email titled “We miss you and want you back” from a Geico support email that was a template I am sure they send to all of their x-customers. I was with them for approximately 24hrs no fucking way they “miss” me. Fuck them, anyways here is the rant, read it, don’t read it, I don’t give a fuck just thought I would share.


First off I would like to address a few things in regards to this email.
1. The first issue I have with this email requesting me to return service to Geico is that it has “Ted Ward’s” signature on it, the so called vice president of Geico? Not even sure what he is the vice president of, it just says “vice president.” He could be the vice president of extra large tampons for all I know. This is a minute detail but I figured I would bring it up and let you know that if you plan to have “Ted” sending out emails and claiming to be the vice president he should state what he is vice president of. Also I know for a fact that “Ted” did not send me this email directly therefore it seems to me that this whole email is a big facade.
2. Secondly I would just like to note that I was your “customer” if you can even call it that for approximately 24hrs. The reason for my short stay with Geico as an insurance company is because of your down right shitty and deceptive service. When I was searching for car insurance back in April-May of 2012 I had checked all over the internet and even called a large amount of local offices in an attempt to get the best rate possible to insure my fiance and I and our two vehicles. After a lot of time spent on research and deliberation according to your website you were offering me the lowest rate which was a great deal or so it seemed. This is where things took a turn down the autobahn straight for the gates of a firery hell. After being very pleased with the price quote I had received for my six month premium I happily provided you with my information and paid my six month premium in full. Things were great for about 12 whole hours until I got a follow up email stating that my rate which lets just say was $600 for six months (I can’t remember the exact number because when I saw what happened my sensory organs failed me and I was filled with a burning hot rage) more than doubled over night to lets just say again $1,300 for SIX MONTHS COVERAGE! Needless to say I was furious, how could this happen to me, I was quoted one price and then overnight that price was no longer adequate and it was now double. I equated this deception to going out to eat and after enjoying a great meal and receiving the bill being very pleased at the cost and happily paying the entire amount and leaving a generous tip, but as I got up to leave I was stopped by the manager who informed me that for some reason which he would not disclose to me at the time that my entire bill had doubled instantly. Not even an apology for this deception just a demand for more money or I would be chained to the dishes trough and made to wash every dish possible until the EVIL MANAGER (Geico) had their fill of enjoyment from the torture. There was no way I could afford paying approximately $2,600 for a 1 year premium for my car insurance. If Geico would have been honest with me in the first place I would have not gone through the hassle of submitting my information and payment to them and going through the grief of having to search for an insurance company that would quote me a truthful and accurate price that would not double overnight for no discernible reason.
3. I know that last part was long but I wanted you to be accurately informed of the situation so that you can see my side and why I believe I was deceived. The third reason as to my disgust associated with this is the hassle I had to go through to find out why my rate had doubled overnight. As you can probably guess as soon as I received this email stating the rate increase and that I had 3 days to come up with the rest of the payment I called customer service immediately trying to stay positive thinking it was a mistake as I had just paid my whole premium. After spending 30-45 minutes attempting to reach an actual person and then being transferred 3 different times to the right person, I was informed that the whole reason my rate doubled was for two reasons. First they said that I did not disclose my driving license record accurately (this was accurate as I was not aware of my entire driving record or my fiance’s driving record for the past 7 years, honestly do you remember every violation that has occurred for you in the last 7 years) anyways I was informed that there were three infractions on the drivers records which I will list for you now.
-Seat-belt Infraction
-Accident (A guy rear ended me when I was stopped and did almost no damage to either car but it was reported either way. Completely his fault)
-Accident (My fiance had been in an accident approximately 6 years and 10 months ago when she first started driving)
After arguing with the manager at the call center (call centers suck and I am sorry for any person who has ever worked a position like this who has to deal with people who are pissed because of deceitful corporations and turn into assholes like I did because of the manipulation, I have worked a call center job before and it sucks) the manager summed up the situation as: you and your fiance are under 25 yrs old so we can charge you ridiculously high rates, you have 2 accidents and we don’t care that one of them was not your fault and the other was so close to the cut off that we are still going to hike your rate and not give you any cut, and oh yeah you weren’t wearing a seat-belt one day, so either pay the rest of the premium or we can’t insure you.
So my only option was to search for other insurance coverage. This was a long and painful process as most insurance companies would not even consider insuring two <25 yr olds with two vehicles. After approximately 16 hours of rigorous research and long winded conversations which included repeating my information to countless insurance agents I finally found a company that not only quoted me a fantastic rate and locked my rate in for 6 months with the promise of not altering the rate for any reason *barring an insurance claim* I experienced some relief. After signing up with my new insurance company I immediately called Geico back and demanded a full refund of my six month premium to which the manager responded that she had to charge me a prorated amount for the 24hrs of insurance coverage they had charged me. At this point I was furious and told them that if they did not refund me the entire amount I would sue them (hindsight says this was silly as I was not going to sue them and they knew it as well) either way I got almost all of my money I paid back.
In summary, Geico as a company has no values and treats their customers like shit! I did some research on the internet after this shit-storm as well as talked to a few friends and received countless horror stories about this company and the mistreatment, deceit, and offensive manner that Geico treats its customers. I will NEVER again provide Geico or any of its subsidiaries with any of my business ever again in my life, and will also make it my soul priority to tell everyone I know and meet about the dreadful service they will incur from getting involved with them.
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